The Conquering Life Programme in Weybridge

The Conquering Life programme is a “personal development programme” for helping you to change any “limiting beliefs” that you may have. Edward is a fully Licensed and Approved Consultant delivering the full course of the Programme out of his Consultancy in Weybridge.

This programme has already helped thousands of people to completely change the way they THINK and FEEL about themselves and to alter their internal belief systems to ones of: Health, Happiness and Success.


Perfectionist...      Am I a Perfectionist? I work incredibly hard to make sure I am faultless - which is an impossible task and therefore a fruitless and frustrating one. Why am I doing it? Well I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m trying to find some sort of...
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Resolutions...       It is a new year, fresh with the hope of resolutions made on the back of champagne and festivities. The New Year always seems like the Monday of the year - the beginning and therefore the time to start one’s new pursuit. Why start dieting on a...
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Relaxing...        Recently I realized that I’ve been confusing relaxing with distracting myself. My mind can often speed along a million thoughts per minute - I’ll be thinking about an essay I need to finish writing, an idea for a new project, the housework I...
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Irritation        Irritation is not an alien concept to anyone - We all have things that irritate us, things that annoy and wind us up to what feels like the breaking point. Whether it's people eating with their mouths open, someone not listening to you properly...
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Our Daily Rituals

Our Daily Rituals        We all have our daily rituals and routines, the patterns of activity that we fall into on a regular basis. What we do from the moment our eyes open to the moment they close. These things can be anything from a morning coffee, a daily run...
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Taking Time

Taking time      Taking time has been tough for me in the past couple of weeks. I found myself in a sort of depression, feeling anxious and detached from everyone and everything around me. It’s been especially hard because I’m on holiday and I should have been...
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Body and Stress

Body and Stress            Sometimes when we deal with stressful situations our brain might be able to process it before our body does. This week I experienced a situation that had my heart racing and my hands shaking - I found myself in an unexpected confrontation...
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Negativity          Negativity is a force we have to contend with everyday, it’s something that can come from external and internal sources. But what do we do when it seems to be directed at us from friends, significant others and family? When we deal with...
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Conquering perfection

Conquering Perfection               Conquering perfection- It has been a while since I last sat down and took some time to write a blog entry. It feels good to pause for a moment and jot down my thoughts and feelings on a page. I’ve been watching a lot of...
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Finding Motivation

Finding Motivation        I was asked recently to write a piece on finding motivation, especially in cases when you feel stuck or you find yourself very busy. Motivation is an interesting thing as it is something that is fueled within yourself, although it often...
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Welcome to Conquering Life


Have you ever wondered how it is, that some people seem to find it harder to overcome problems and are more negatively impacted by life, than others who seem to take ‘problems’ as opportunities to overcome and breeze through life?

Can you guess which group live happier and more fulfilled lives?

At ‘Conquering life’ after decades of studying and practising human psychology, neurology and body/emotional learnings, we have made significant advances in understanding why we tend to react so differently to the same triggers in life.

We as humans, are taught from the very beginning through learning mechanisms which is part of our socialization. These learning mechanisms consist of information we’ve gathered and mentally sorted and which we use as future references to help us understand the world better, and over time we begin to believe in them as facts. Regardless of whether this information, which we’ve meticulously gathered over the years, is actually true or not, these beliefs have a huge impact on our thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Let me give you an example:

A teenager suffering from anorexia, believes herself to be fat, despite what anyone else sees when looking at her or what they tell her, she will continue to see herself as fat. This is because she has a deeply rooted belief that she truly is fat. This is a belief that probably began in her infancy or childhood and has been maintained over the years.

That is the nature of belief systems, or in other words our programming, through these filters or warped perceptions we learn to live and cope. This programming can happen in two ways, consciously (through cognitive learning) or subconsciously (through emotional learning).

New scientific discoveries made in the last decade, such as neuroplasticity, have proven that all of our deep rooted programmes are reprogrammable. In other words, all of our limiting beliefs can be changed, new neural pathways can be effectively created and old ones re written… because we are not set in stone and you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, so to speak.

We at Conquering life aim to do just that, whether it is a cognitive or an emotional learning that lies behind unwanted or undesired symptoms and difficulties, by analysing the roots of the issues and reprogramming them through combined transformational emotional and cognitive therapy.

Once these emotionally and cognitively charged learnings have been resolved and modified, we can begin to live our lives as though we belong here, because we deserve to. We deserve to be content in our own skin, to be resilient in the face of all adversities, to be successful in every aspect of our lives and to Conquer Life on a daily basis. Here are just some of the issues we have successfully helped treat…

Conquering Life has helped people to:

  • Overcome Emetophobia – the Fear of Being Sick
  • Successfully Stop Smoking
  • Beat Depression
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Improve Confidence
  • Overcome Phobias
  • Lose Weight & Keep it off
  • Develop a Greater Sense of Personal Control
  • Beat Social Anxiety
  • and many, many more…


In fact there is really no limit to what Conquering Life can help you to change or overcome, as long as your “problem” is purely down to the “way you think” (rather than an actual medical problem), then you can learn to change the way that you think that may have either given rise to your symptoms, or is keeping your symptoms going.

I would go as far as to say that even if you do have a genuine medical, physiological problem, that learning the principles of Conquering Life will almost certainly help you to cope more effectively with your medical problem too.

Come Along for a FREE Chat!

We offer all prospective clients who are thinking about following the Conquering Life Programme with us a FREE 45 minutes consultation during which we will outline what it’s like to follow the course. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet without you being under any obligation.

 Just pick-up the phone and give me a call on: 07460 802165 or  e-mail me at: