Conquering Life Testimonials

Client name: Justin Anstead

Service taken: Psychological training Program

Initial consultation date: 17.01.2016

What did you want to achieve?

I was after several things, most of all to be dragged kicking and screaming back into reality and out of my own unique way of perceiving things around me. Secondly and it wasn’t obvious to me when I first started the sessions but a good understanding of what I say and how I say it and how it affects others around me.

What was the journey like?

Well I could say the easy answer was a 3-mile drive and lots of traffic. However, being serious now, it was agreed at the start of the sessions I expected an open and honest discussion and no going easy on me. We both agreed this was the best way forward and throughout the sessions this approach aided me in achieving a greater insight into the way I tick. The sessions themselves are well laid out with each one naturally leading into the next and for us adults its going back to doing some homework, a must to get the most out of Conquering Life.

Where are you now?

Fairly easy answer that one and it’s called a happy place. The pressures around me are still there but also are the skills to cope with them in a much better way than before. There is the occasional slip up but hey no one’s perfect and the ability is there now to understand this and come out the other side with a positive attitude.

Client name: Anna Anstead

Service taken: Psychological training Program

Initial consultation date: 17.01.2016

What did you want to achieve?

To be able to cope with the stresses of family life (Chris’s OCD and Benjamin’s anxiety) and to help them with this. To improve my self-esteem and to give me the confidence to go out there and try new things again.

What was the journey like?

Not always smooth, but always interesting! Until I finally understood what the Conquering Life programme was about, there was a lot of resistance on my part. This is normal, as most people don’t like change. Although Edward was very good at telling it as it was, he was also very inspiring and encouraging. There was homework, but I am used to that so it wasn’t a chore, and the list of positive achievements stays with me on my phone wherever I go and I am still adding to it!

Where are you now?

My self-esteem and confidence is much better. I have recently completed a Coursera course on Learning how to Learn, and I am halfway through a Music course! The horrible depression has lifted and I am much better placed to help my sons. I am continuing with my meditation (I am also doing this with a group – which I would have been unable to do before I started Conquering Life!) and I have started a new course of medication to help with my ongoing physical problems. Although the family stresses are still there, I am in a better place and I am able to cope with them on a daily basis.

Client name: Berna. Malik

Service taken: Psychological training Program for teenagers

Initial consultation date: 15/11/15

What did you want to achieve?

I wanted to see the world and everything in it in a positive way.

I wanted to have confidence and not care what others think of me.

I wanted to stop being shy.

What was the journey like?

It was tough at first but after 3-4 weeks I saw a big change.

Doing the activities in the exercise book helped me.

I took in important information.

Some activities were a lot of fun and others you really had to think which was a challenge, but you get used to it.

Where are you now?

I feel confident and very proud of myself for being able to overcome being shy.

I feel a lot more confident than i was at the beginning.

The Workbook helped me see the change, and I AM REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF!


Client name: I. M

Service taken: Psychological training Program

Initial consultation date: 10/10/15

What did you want to achieve?

I started the program to be a better parent to my children, by eliminating my aggressive reaction to their teenage behaviours.

I wanted to communicate with them more effectively and find the norm in dealing with issues concerning them.

What was the journey like?

It started with self realisation of my existing belief systems, which then followed by some skepticism and rejection when I started to read the book.

When I came back to Edward through our sessions, he showed me the different perspectives I can have in dealing with matters, and made me realise how to see the under lying causes and deal with situations in bits and pieces rather than as whole.

Where are you now?

I have made great progress with identification of my thought process.

I have become more aware of my reactions.

I am habitually evaluating my belief systems.

The journey continues with guiding principals from my consultation sessions and my all time reference workbook.



Client name: Mark Treherne

Service taken: Psychological training Program

Initial consultation date: 16 October

What did you want to achieve?

Understand the cause of anxiety attacks prior to giving a talk / speech and ways to overcome

What was the journey like?

Interesting and an eye opener. Provided a reality check on my life and a snapshot picture of my behaviour. It is a simple concept but I had never stopped to consider and assess myself in light of the key issues around control. It really makes you understand how much of your life you can control and that so many things outside of your control should not be worried about.

Where are you now?

On the road to redefining behaviours and outlooks in life. Still struggle at times with inner voice and taking over / being dominant but on balance feel more in control.


Client name: Michelle. L

Service taken: Psychological training Program

Initial consultation date: 8/10/15

What did you want to achieve?

To restore my own self-esteem in order to help my son, who had a very low self- esteem and a whole lot of anxiety.  To begin living my life instead of just surviving it!

What was the journey like?

Amazing and enlightening.

Where are you now?

My self-esteem is getting higher by the day!  I am living life and enjoying it.  My son now sees me with so much more confidence.  In turn he is feeling happier and less anxious.  Edward has changed both our lives



Client consulted for: panic attacks, anxiety and depression

“I initially went to see Edward to improve my confidence and my social anxiety.

We started at my early life experiences and set about changing the way my mind processed experiences in my past and day to day.

I thought the location was perfect, I always felt at ease and it was very easy access for my car.

I’ve learned to process the good things that I do everyday, instead of the negatives, I’ve learnt how to gain perspective on issues that make me stressed or anxious.

Moving forward these skills will be vital for me to push on in life and my career.

I think the program was so impressive because all topics were touched upon, so as to suggesting any improvements; just do what you do Edward.

My outlook on life and myself is much more positive now.

I now know that I am in control of my emotions.

My social anxiety is much lower now and I am thinking more internally about everything.

My current goal is to go full time with my career in performance and teaching.

I am very confident that by using the steps learnt on this course, I know I will achieve what I want in life.

The program is the first “life changing” book that has ever resonated with me, on a lot of occasions the book could have been an autobiography on the unhelpful thinking patterns that had been plaguing me for so many years, I’m now a different person… Thank you Edward.

Any point I was struggling to understand, we went through in the sessions and with repetition I can say that I’ve taken everything on board and my life is getting BETTER EVERYDAY IN EVERYWAY.

This Psychological training is the only course that has really resonated with me, once you pick the book up, it is very hard to put down and covered all aspects of the unhelpful thinking styles that had become so automatic in my life.

With Edward’s help, I have been able to change the way I process everything in my life and now I look forward with a new sense of optimism.

Doing this course has been one of the best decisions of my life!!”

Tom Houghton

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Client consulted for: Emetophobia

What did you want to achieve?

I wanted to cure my Emetophobia and stop having long episodes of sickness following a sore throat.

Also to reduce my anxiety around other people being sick.

What was the journey like?

It was very interesting to find out what is really going on in my head and how I can make simple changes to the way that I think.

It was challenging to change some of the beliefs that I have had for many years, but definitely worth it!

The weekly sessions really helped me to consolidate the information in the Workbook.

Where are you now?

I managed to prevent a sickness episode during the 6 week program which made me feel great and much more in control.

I never thought this program would help me in so many areas of my life.

I feel much more internal and am improving my self-esteem and social anxiety.

Thank you very much Edward!

Delyth Hurley